The Brains in the Sky and.. G O D

Dear Family and Friends

For a long time computers, and now the Internet and IPads have been worthy of awe, some awe, awesome!

I have come to think of the Internet as a giant BRAIN IN THE SKY. HE/SHE collects information, wisdom and trivia on any subject X.

(And SIRI is his/her very smart little sister.)


I have discovered that if I want to expand my mind/knowledge on any subject X, I enter “X pics” and am rewarded with 10 to over 300 (where I stopped counting) pictures of X or related to X.

Being religious by nature, this morning I looked at GOD’S PICTURES! WOW.


The raw pictures are delivered in a continuous stream, with the source of the picture below, which you can visit by clicking on it.

But if you press “edit”, you can crop it and save just the picture.


After looking at over 300 pictures of GOD, (many of books on the subject, like Dawkins’S , I don’t know whether God actually exists in the universe, or is just a figment generated by the brain while searching for answers. But I sure know the length and breadth of how Humans think/draw GOD.

Comments are welcome.

Tom Reed

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