A New Pyrolysis Patent

The patent below is potentially the best patent I have ever obtained in the field of biomass or Biochar Energy. But currently it sits unused and forgotten.

1) Pyrolysis (roasting) of biomass to about 280 C doubles it’s value:

2) by removing heavy and useless CO2 and H2O.

3) This product has been called “Biocoal”‘ and the name is appropriate, since Coal has a lot more energy than the coke you can make from it or the biomass it was made from 260-200 Mya (Carboniferous age, precipitated by the evolution of lignin that turned mosses into tall trees and our atmosphere from CO2 to O2.)

4) It is BONE dry with energy content of ~ 10,000-12,000 Btu/lb instead of the the typical 4000-8000 Btu for wet===> dry wood

5) It has lost most of its strength, and so can be densified into super dense pellets (50-60 lb/bag ?) with 1/5 the energy required for densifying sawdust

6) When transporting wood chips by truck, one could roast them using the truck’s exhaust energy tempered to 300C with excess air. (It is necessary to TEMPER the heat, since Overhearing will emit smoke and reduce final energy.)

It’s a shame to let it just sit unused at the patent office, and I’d appreciate any suggestions for commercializing it.

Below is a brief schematic explaining the process.

Tom Reed Patent 4 April

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