The Inventions and Works of Dr. Thomas Reed

Dr. Thomas B. Reed: Inventor, Author and Energy Expert

imageTom Reed is a chemist and an inventor with more than a dozen patents, an author, and an expert in many areas of renewable energy.

After getting his PhD from University of Minnesota in physical chemistry he spent the early part of his career studying high temperature physics and crystallography. He joined the research arm of MIT, Lincoln Laboratories, where he invented the plasma torch which is capable of producing the highest temperature on earth.

In the 1970s, during the first oil embargo, his career took an abrupt turn into the study of renewable fuels. He spent years researching and testing methanol and ethanol both in the laboratory and on the streets. In the late 70s he moved to Golden, Colorado and joined the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI). He founded the Biomass Energy Foundation and invented a portable, clean burning wood stove currently used in the poorest parts of the world to offset the effects of deforestation.

Tom has received many awards for recognition of his work. He continues passionately researching and writing about renewable energy sources while living in Barre, Massachusetts.

This site provides some basic information about Tom’s major areas of study. He welcomes inquires on these and other related subjects.